Welcome to Free Lunch

Hello you absolute heroes!

Welcome to Free Lunch, a uniquely unique and dynamically disruptive newsletter distributed via substack. In this inaugural issue, let’s go over what Free Lunch is and is not.

Free Lunch provides information about a deal on a product or opportunity being offered by a company that may interest the reader.

What qualifies as a Free Lunch deal?

  • The product or opportunity must be either entirely free or extremely discounted and be something of actual value. This is subjective, but we’re not here for 10% OFF coupons.

What about referral deals?

  • No. There may be a referral component, but we are interested in deals where all parties benefit. Getting yourself something for free while sacrificing a friend (e.g. multi-level marketing) is not a deal, it’s just you being terrible.

Why do these deals exist and who offers them?

  • Typically they are offered by startups funded by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley in efforts to rapidly grow their customer base.

Will all deals be from VC-backed companies?

  • Not necessarily, but due to the amount capital required for the company to presumably take an (initial) loss on these deals, VC backing is likely.

Are you trying to put these brave and innovative startup companies out of business?

  • Not at all! Companies are offering these deals because they believe that purchasers or users will be repeat customers, and they may be right! Who are we to question their business model?

Why didn’t you share with readers the great deal I sent you?

  • The value of a deal is relative to the burden. An investment brokerage running a $500 new account promo that creates a user burden of (1) transferring $1,000,000 from your bank to a new party and (2) having the $1,000,000 to transfer is not a great deal. A free pizza, now that’s a great deal.

What about return churns?

  • We tend not to focus on deals that center around the seller having a lax return policy.

Do you endorse the quality of any products or opportunities shared with readers?

  • Absolutely not.

Where do you find these deals?

  • Hopefully from you readers! Did you find a great deal? Share it with us! Do you have an awesome startup with a cool product you want to give away? We’re interested! Is one of your competitors offering a deal that you think is unsustainable and you would like to sink their business? We are here to help!

How frequently do you publish Free Lunch?

  • Whenever there are deals worth mentioning and we have time. Could be daily, could be monthly, could be never.

How does Free Lunch make money?

  • Currently it doesn’t, maybe some day through affiliate links or selling out to the king of VCs, the Vision Fund.

Are all of the other deal sites scams?

  • Yes.

Thank you for subscribing, the deal flow will commence shortly!